This is last year's (Sept 2018) information

Information for Lake Genero 2019 will be posted in the Spring of 2019

For More Information

Fiddling Bear

If there's something more you need to know that we haven't covered here, phone or email either:

Steve Kessler - 845-888-4797 -
Geoff or Sarah Harden - 845-688-7608 -
Ambrose Verdibello -

Note: The Appalachian Friends of Old-Time Music, as an organization, rents only the campground side of Lake Genero. Regarding the cabins on the other side of the lake, Leo, the campground owner, has let us know that the cabins will be closed this summer. If you’ve made a deposit for a cabin, please call Leo for a refund. He can be reached at 570-698-5166 or 570-493-0801.

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