This is last year's (Sept 2022) information

Information for Lake Genero 2023 will be posted in the Spring of 2023

(You can probably safely assume the 2023 dates will be August 31 - September 4)

About the Weekend

Fiddling Bear

It lasts from 4pm Thursday (9/1) to 2pm Monday (9/5). Come for all of it or part of it.

Because of the site ownership change and uncertainty due to changing Covid guidelines, some aspects of the weekend may be different from previous years.

We go very easy on organization. The music is spontaneous, when and where you choose to make it. We plan to have a few guided welcome jams, and maybe a workshop or two. But Lake Genero is mostly just a place—a truly great place—to camp and relax and play old-time music the way you want to, with lots of friends.

How much does all this wonderfulness cost? Not much, but the cost of admission is higher than in the past, due to new expenses:

  • Arriving Thursday or Friday (3 or 4 nights): $40
  • Arriving Saturday (2 nights): $30
  • Arriving Sunday (1 night): $20
  • Under 18: free
  • (Prices are per person)

What about weather? Not under our control, but we've been lucky so far. Between the pavilion, and the big canopies lots of people bring with them, occasional rain has never been much of a problem.

COVID PROTOCOL: Due to changing Covid guidelines, we have not yet settled on requirements for proof of vaccination or masking. Check here for up to date information as we get closer to the event.

FIREWOOD will be provided and should be used sparingly so we don't run out. If you make your own firepit note that rocks and logs need to be COMPLETELY REMOVED and returned to where found by the end of the weekend.

DOGS: We do NOT encourage dogs coming to our event, but if you must bring your pet, please follow this set of rules:
  •  Keep dogs on leash at all times
  •  Clean-up after them immediately
  •  No roaming
  •  No significant barking

Returning campers, take note:
There is a new, large, packed-gravel parking lot in the middle of the campground, opposite the bathrooms and stretching all the way to the pavilion.
The field beyond the pavilion looks great - better than usual since they’ve been mowing regularly - and the lake looks great, too.
They’ve done a LOT of work to drain the swampy areas - new culverts and french drains, the road is repaired and dry, etc.
The bathrooms are clean and working. Hot and cold running water and toilets are flushing.

Bottom Line: There’s still plenty of room for camping, fun and great music.

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