This is last year's (Sept 2018) information

Information for Lake Genero 2019 will be posted in the Spring of 2019

(You can probably safely assume the 2019 dates will be August 30 - September 2)

About the Weekend

Fiddling Bear

It lasts from 2pm Friday (August 31) to Noon Monday (September 3). Come for all of it or part of it.

We go very easy on organization. The music is spontaneous, when and where you choose to make it. A few workshops are usually organized. But Lake Genero is mostly just a place—a truly great place—to camp and relax and play old-time music the way you want to, with lots of friends.

How much does all this wonderfulness cost? Not much: 20 bucks per adult person for the whole weekend or any part of it. Kids 18 and under are free. Same price whether you stay one night or three. Just pay at the gate.

What about weather? Not under our control, but we've been lucky so far. Between the pavilion, and the big canopies lots of people bring with them, occasional rain has never been much of a problem.

Dogs: We do not encourage dogs coming to our event, but if you must bring your pet, please follow this set of rules:
  •  Keep dogs on leash at all times
  •  Clean-up after them immediately
  •  No roaming
  •  No significant barking

RV Hookups: Campers interested in electric hookups should check with Leo Giombetti, the campground manager, at 570-698-5166 or 570-493-0801. There is a small additional charge for this which is separate from the price of admission.


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