About the Weekend

Fiddling Bear

It lasts from 3pm Thursday (9/2) to Noon Monday (9/6). Come for all of it or part of it.

Because of the site ownership change and uncertainty due to changing Covid guidelines, some aspects of the weekend may be different from previous years.

We go very easy on organization. The music is spontaneous, when and where you choose to make it. Lake Genero is mostly just a place—a truly great place—to camp and relax and play old-time music the way you want to, with lots of friends.

How much does all this wonderfulness cost? Not much, but the cost of admission is higher than in the past, due to new expenses:

  • Arriving Thursday (4 nights): $40
  • Arriving Friday or Saturday (2 or 3 nights): $30
  • Arriving Sunday (1 night): $20
  • Under 18: free

What about weather? Not under our control, but we've been lucky so far. Between the pavilion, and the big canopies lots of people bring with them, occasional rain has never been much of a problem.

COVID PROTOCOL: We are really looking forward to the gathering, and can’t wait for the fun and the tunes. Of course, we must acknowledge that his year will be different. Although the CDC has stated that outdoor activities are relatively safe, pandemic concerns are still real, unfortunately. We AFOTM Guv’nors met and discussed this at length.


  • Attendees must be fully vaccinated.
  • We will be checking at the gate for proof of vaccination, so bring your card, or a photo of your card, or whatever state-level passport app you may have. Please be patient with the gate-keepers.
  • Children: For this year only, it would be safest for everyone not to bring your unvaccinated children. But if you do, then we will require a recent negative PCR test, and also that they wear masks when away from your campsite.
  • We kindly ask that if you are feeling sick, please stay home and take care of yourself. If you feel sick at the gathering, please go home and take care of yourself.
  • This year we will not provide any organized group activities like workshops and jams.
  • Inside the bathroom and port-a-potties, wear a mask. We will provide boxes of masks for that purpose. (we intend to have a few more port-a-potties and hand-washing stations than usual)
  • Exercise caution and consideration for your friends. Before joining a jam, please ask if it’s ok, and/or if they’d like you to mask up.

FIREWOOD will be provided and should be used sparingly so we don't run out. If you make your own firepit note that rocks and logs need to be COMPLETELY REMOVED and returned to where found by the end of the weekend.

DOGS: We do NOT encourage dogs coming to our event, but if you must bring your pet, please follow this set of rules:
  •  Keep dogs on leash at all times
  •  Clean-up after them immediately
  •  No roaming
  •  No significant barking

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