This is information for the 2019 weekend

Lake Genero 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Information for Lake Genero 2021 will be posted in the Spring of 2021

(The information on this page doesn't generally change from year to year)

Getting to Lake Genero Park

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Lake Genero Park is in a private country setting about 3 1/4 miles east of the small town of Hamlin, PA. Campsites are on one side of the small lake.

Lake Genero is easy to get to, about 7 miles from Exit 17 on I-84. Take state route 191 (soon joined by 196) north to Hamlin, turn right on state route 590, and go 3 1/4 miles east. Look for a sign on the right, just before the road crosses a stream, that says "Lake Genero Grove."

The campground is within easy reach of restaurants, food markets, and other purveyors of civilized amenities. The Claws 'n' Paws wild animal park is also nearby.

GPS: Unfortunately, there is no address for Lake Genero Park that all the mapping programs and GPSs agree on, but this address will get you close:
     1280 Pennsylvania 590, Lake Ariel, PA
Alternatively, if your GPS lets you specify an intersection, you can try the intersection of PA hwy 590 and Lakeview Dr, Lake Ariel, PA. The entrance to the park is opposite Lakeview Drive on PA Hwy 590.

Note: Pennsylvania exit numbers on Interstate 84 are not consecutive, but instead based on the distance in miles from where the highway begins in Scranton. The exit for Lake Genero is number 17. If you come from the east on 84, Exit 17 is the one after Exit 20. If you come from the west, it's the one after Exit 8.

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