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CDR Scanner - A diagnostic test tool for recordable CD-ROMs - 116k - free
CDR Scanner is a Macintosh program that reads every file on a CD-ROM and writes a test report that lists each file along with the size of the file, the time required to read the file and the resulting throughput. In addition, it times each sector read and reports read errors and unusually long read times—generally a sign of weak sectors requiring retries by the drive or system software. Requires System 8.5 or later.
Hexdump - 44k - free
This is a drag-and-drop program which will put up a window showing the contents of the file opened. If the first 1024 bytes of the file looks like displayable ascii, the file is displayed as a normal text file. Otherwise, the file is displayed in hex. Hold down the option key to force the opposite choice.
SetDate - 12k - free
This drag-and-drop program lets you set the 'modified' or 'created' date of a file. It lets you set the date to a date you type in, the modified/created date of another file or "right now". WARNING: this means you will be fooling the system about when the file was created or last modified. Sometimes you have to do that. Use with care.

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